Building Small Robot - The Product

I, like many, have ideas for products we want to build, yet find it hard to get moving. 

For me, my latest idea has me actually moving forward with what I think is a good idea. 

Not an idea that will make millions of people happy, or buy into it, but a simple product that will help in an area that I do not see being utilized.

I have decided I am going to try and document my challenges, and journey a bit in writing.

Please join me on the journey to create Small Robot The Product.

Challenge 1 - API or Full Stack

Currently I have been using Drupal 8 as an API (JSON:API) up until now, but now I have concerns that a fully decoupled Drupal 8 will not scale as I want it to. I am constantly wondering if I should change the from the API / Front end app approach, to something like full stack Ruby on Rails, Phoenix, or Laravel. The reason the thought to change is there, is that I see products like Shopify, TransmissionFM, Basecamp, and others, that are successfully using Ruby on Rails, and in their cases, not running as an API + Front end. 

I will leave that challenge, as the first one I am really second guessing myself on. 


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